Realstone: the timeless surface that combines the natural beauty of stone with the very latest technologies

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There is a wide assortment of sizes and finishes in the catalogue of Realstone surfaces inspired by natural stones, for use in tune with individual styles and needs.

Nine collections, all with a single common denominator: the capability to bring the natural beauty of stone into indoor and outdoor projects.

Ragno Ceramiche’s Realstone range embraces a whole world of porcelain stoneware, in a vast assortment of sizes and shades, all inspired by nature but – thanks to leading-edge technology and top quality ingredients – guaranteeing durability and convenience.

Perfect for installation on both walls and floors or as a paving, these products are designed to confer visual harmony and continuity to projects, especially those which extend into outdoor areas.

Most of the Realstone collection is also available in XT20 version in 20 mm extra thickness, ideal for outdoor use and perfect for patios, pools, gardens and terraces.

The XT20 collections ensure exceptional resistance to weathering or mechanical damage and, thanks to the StepWise technology, their antislip surface makes the material safer for covering spaces in the open air.

Although all inspired by natural stone, the nine Realstone variants evoke this material’s most diverse features, as follows.

The latest newcomer is Realstone_Travertino, a porcelain stoneware that reinterprets the stone from which it takes its name, which offers two different and complementary aesthetics, enriched by 3D Ink technology that gives truthfulness and naturalness. The collection stands out for its depth of range, both in terms of formats and the different surfaces offered. The 20 cm thickness makes the collection ideal for use in outdoor spaces and driveways.

Realstone_Argent: Warm shades creating the impression of a sedimentary rock formed in past ages but reinterpreted in contemporary style. This, the latest Realstone collection, is available in four finishes – Avorio, Sabbia, Miele and Ghiaccio – and in six sizes for even greater versatility. Realstone_Argent is also available in XT20 version for outdoor use, in the 20 mm extra thickness..

Realstone_Cardoso XT20: A perfect collection for outdoors, 20 mm thick and with outstanding technical performance. This collection is for people who love the tactile allure of stone, with its richly stippled texture and unique natural details. It is available in three finishes – Silver, Antracite and Grigio – in the 50×100 cm size.

Realstone_Jerusalem: Almost velvety to the touch and with exquisite shade variations, this collection is the perfect imitation of three stones – Quartzite, Jerusalem stone and Cardoso stone. Suitable for projects which involve indoor-outdoor continuity thanks to the XT20 version, and for people who wish to create a box effect by cladding both walls and floors, to give even greater harmony to design schemes. Realstone_Jerusalem is available in three finishes – Avorio, Grigio and Walnut – and in four different sizes.

Realstone_Lunar: Inspired by the beauty of limestone, the Realstone_Lunar collection reinterprets its patterning, with a dark color and elegant veining, and combines it with a soft surface that is easy to clean thanks to its absence of superficial roughness. It is available in five colors – White, Beige, Silver, Deep Grey and Uniform – and two different surfaces – natural and structured. This collection is also produced in the extra-thick XT20 version.

Realstone_Navigli: A modern look and rich surface patterning for design schemes with a strong personality: this collection is inspired by the familiar granulated marble tiles made by mixing fragments of Ceppo di Gré and concrete, and is produced in two timeless shades, Grigio and Naturale. The four sizes available and the StepWise antislip technology make this a versatile collection, also perfect for outdoor locations and commercial contexts.

Realstone_Pietrantica: This collection with a traditional air, which evokes the mood of antique country houses, features warm and neutral shades and uneven edges. The option of choosing it in the version with rectified edges, which minimises joint width, extends its architectural potential and it is thus also perfect for minimalist and contemporary design schemes. It is available in three shades – Bianco, Beige and Multicolor – and in three sizes. Here again, the XT20 version in 20 mm thickness is also offered.

Realstone_Quarzite XT20: The stippling, with its rich color variations and variegated shades, of Quartzite stone is accurately reproduced in this collection with its extra thickness of 20 mm. The striking Bianco and Grigio finishes are perfect not only for characterful outdoor areas but also for contemporary interiors.

Realstone_Rain: Inspired by English limestone and featuring understated shade variation in tones of greige, Realstone_Rain is a collection that adds a special luminous touch to interiors, thanks also to its surfaces – Natural and Soft. Perfect for contemporary and minimalist design schemes, it is available in four different sizes and a choice of three shades – Almond, Greige and Taupe – designed for elegant mix-and-match installations.

Realstone_Slate: Nature at its purest and most tactile essence. This collection is inspired by the texture and patterning details of slate and provides an image of great strength and durability in any location, both indoor and outdoor (in the XT20 version). The five shades available – Ice, Shell, Iron, Musk and Black – were achieved through in-depth research into the colors of the inspiration stone, and are ideal for the most refined, contemporary locations.