Relax in Majorca, in a house with changing hues

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A Mediterranean island surrounded by the colors of the sea and nature welcomes us with its warmth. A summer residence where you can rediscover ancient craft traditions revisited with contemporary décor in step with the times.

We are in Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, in a treasured place built to escape from everyday life. A second home where you can live at a slow pace, suspended between indoor and outdoor spaces, exploring design versatility that celebrates an irresistible ‘Southern’ style.

The large living room furnished with natural materials, such as the soft double-corner sofa set into a floor recess, opens onto the surrounding greenery thanks to the bright perimeter windows that directly connect the indoor and outdoor areas.

Between swims, the patio roof provides shelter from the sun while you refresh yourself on the comfortable wooden stools next to the bar counter overlooking the indoor kitchen. In this social space, natural and glossy finishes are combined in sophisticated combinations of different materials to make each individual interior choice original.

A relaxing bathroom space, set in an outdoor context, connects us with the surrounding nature, emphasising the peculiarities of organic, typically Mediterranean architecture with an emphasis on masonry furnishings. The sofa recess in the living area, the shelves in the kitchen and the washbasin unit in the outdoor bathroom are all examples of this design trend that builds spaces to suit your needs. Ragno ceramic products blend among these architectural solids and voids.

In particular, the Amuri series with its solid colors with a mottled effect is offered in the Cotto color for the living room floor, in the 60×60 cm size on the main level and in the small 20×20 cm size for the covering of the whole recess.

Bianco Glossy 20×20 cm used as a kitchen backsplash and outdoor flooring is combined with the Glossy Maiolica decor used for the covering of the counter and evokes all the charm of old enamelled and hand-decorated majolica.

Finally, the countertop of the washbasin unit in the bathroom and its backsplash are covered with Amuri’s neutral Avorio color, in the 20×20 cm size, combined with the Grigio Gelosia 3D structure that continues on the wall.

Majorca is a very touristy island which, due to its Mediterranean climate, is a perfect destination for off-season holidays, including in the winter months, when businesses continue to work to meet the needs of both tourists and islanders. It is in these leisure and hospitality spaces that we find renewed expressions of the contemporary, dictated by a new Mediterranean minimalism.

Walking through the centre of Palma, we come across a small bistro decorated with natural finishes and lots of greenery inside. A homely atmosphere achieved through the use of wooden furnishings and accessories combined with stoneware surfaces with a tactile appearance, such as the new 5.3×30 cm Amuri Grigio brick tile laid on the floor and the 20×20 cm Grigio Zucchero decor chosen for the covering of a large decorative wall.

Interior solutions with a style that is minimal, yet in harmony with the context of the location, can also be found in a hotel room where the 20×20 cm Biscotto Gelosia 3D structure completely covers the wall behind the bed, creating a backdrop thanks to the insertion of an LED strip hidden behind a wooden beam. Combined with linen bedsheets and rattan lamps, the extremely natural-looking Boheme Castagno 20×150 cm floor becomes a decorative touch that accentuates a calm, sophisticated atmosphere in an island that is perfect for living and exploring in a carefree mood.