How can you add interest to a plain kitchen?

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Installing hexagon tiles in an uneven layout can make a modern kitchen decidedly stylish: the design for a home in Latina

If you are looking for an unusual installation pattern for kitchen tiles, these images offer you a simple yet striking solution. We are in Latina in central Italy, in a small flat – 75 m2 – renovated and modernised to meet the household's new needs.

The kitchen, now included in the open plan living area, is arranged in a "C" with one wall half-covered with wall units and another bare, providing the maximum compositional freedom. This meant that the tiles could be installed in a regular pattern in the first case and more imaginatively in the second: gradually spaced out in apparently random fashion, the small hexagon tiles cover the wall behind the sink, pass beyond the counter and end in an uneven fade.

The chosen collection, Rewind, provided the project with infinite options for alternation between solid colour tiles and those decorated with geometrical patterns, making it ideal for achieving the required effect: the design, custom-created by the architects, fully exploited the concrete effect of Rewind, which offers a variety of sizes – from 60×120 cm to 7×28 cm – as well as the hexagon used in this project.

What's more the chosen colour, a pale, dusty grey (Vanilla), combines attractively with the floor tiles (also concrete effect stoneware but in 60×60 cm size) and creates an elegant, subtle contrast with the white of the kitchen's wall units and worktop. There is also a contrast in styles between the modern, minimal design of the kitchen and the slightly vintage flavour of the typical cement tile decorative motifs.

Concrete-effect stoneware once again proves its worth as a versatile covering, suitable for use on floors and wall and ideal for walls in contact with water and heat. Today, the outstanding properties of stoneware, together with its infinite colour and texture potentials, make it the right choice for anyone wishing to decorate modern interiors with a unique style and materials of eternal beauty.