Scandinavian lifestyle. Light and material from the far North: Clayton collection concrete effect

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Concrete acquires softness and a luminous glow and uses color, decoration and 3D textures to harmonise indoor and outdoor spaces.

Stockholm, Sweden, or perhaps Helsinki, Finland. Or maybe even a remote little town somewhere in the countless square kilometres of the vast Scandinavian peninsula. Or, a final thought, a little village clinging to an island, battered by the sea and wind of the far North.

Exactly where is of little importance. What matters is being immersed in an atmosphere in which light, modulated by the grey of the low-hanging clouds and the white of the snow-covered earth, filters softly and discretely into the home.

The floor of the lounge, with its large windows that frame the landscape to create pictures on a natural theme and views that change with the seasons, is covered throughout with the 100×100 cm slabs of the new Clayton collection, chosen in the Fabric variant, which provides a poetic, welcoming interpretation of concrete.

The other five shades available in the catalogue for the porcelain stoneware plain tilesSmoke, Nude, Fabric, Earth and Dark Grey – suggest a mood in which the Earth and architecture find, by mutual agreement, a space where they can work together to create authenticity and transform color and decoration into delicate design tools.

Clayton is manufactured with the exclusive 3D Ink technology, which combines optical recognition and high-precision printing to give surfaces a realistic texture different for every single piece. With the aid of this technology, Clayton tiles feature a luxuriously authentic concrete patterning.

The kitchen is the perfect modern Scandinavian interior, relaxing and cosy yet visually very striking. The typical minimalist, functional design is combined with pale colors against which highly decorative wall coverings stand out

The walls are covered with the vintage-style Sphere Touch geometric decor, while Blue 33×100 cm tiles are chosen for the backsplash. The flooring consists of Clayton Iron 100×100 cm.
The Sphere Touch decor includes textured glossy and matt vitreous grits, applied using the innovative Touch technology, which gives the product a selective three-dimensional effect that conserves the artistic-crafted air of traditional ceramics.

In the bathroom, the realm of wellbeing and personal care, the 33×100 cm Blue wall tile and its Scrape 3D structure alternate in very distinctive monochrome compositions.

Clayton opens the doors of the home’s rooms towards the outdoors thanks to its capability for providing the same surface look in both contexts using structured porcelain stoneware slabs in 60×120 cm or 100×100 cm with R11 slip resistance. The StepWise technology provides slabs with outstanding antislip properties, perfect for use in outdoor locations exposed to the weather.