Tiles for small bathrooms: your guide to the ideal choice

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Designing a compact bathroom is no easy matter and requires a great deal of creativity and inventiveness: every detail counts to optimise the space with the ideal blend of style and convenience.

The choice of tile plays a key role, since it affects the overall aesthetic and the way the space available is perceived.

From sizes to colors, by way of materials and finishes, through to the most suitable installation methods: in this article we’ll see how to choose the right bathroom tiles, to meet the needs of a small room and make it a real interior design gem.

Choosing the right tiles for a small bathroom

As well as being one of the first steps when renovating a room, the choice of tiles is also a crucial factor for visually enlarging the space available in a bathroom.

The tiles’ size, their color, their texture, their pattern and even their shape can all significantly affect the result, modifying the lighting and perspectives and creating an optical effect that makes a space look larger or smaller. Their role in this effect is so large partly because their size establishes the number of joints, and a dense network of joints can break up the space rather than provide a sense of order and precision.

Below we’ll take a detailed look at how to use tile sizes effectively to maximise the perception of space in small bathrooms, and provide you with practice guidance on making the right choice for your needs.

Tiles for a small bathroom: should they be large or small?

As we’ve already mentioned, both large and small tiles have their specific benefits and drawbacks, affecting not only the look of the room but also its feeling of space and luminosity.

By using large-size tiles you can reduce the number of visible joints and thus create a space with a more open, airy ‘feel’. Conversely, small tiles can generate a more enclosed impression.

However, the bathroom’s dimensions are fundamental when making this choice: the right tile size is the one that enables you to cover the walls with as few unsightly cuts in the tiles as possible.

When choosing, of course, you must never forget your personal style and preferences: in some contexts, small tiles can add character and dynamism to a room, especially if pale colors or glossy finishes that reflect the light are used.

For a more original option, on the other hand, you can apply large tiles on 3 walls and then add decors and textures using small tiles on the last wall, generally the one behind the mirror. Experiment with our bathroom collections such as  Wish, Papers or Stratford Wall, with their range of geometrical patterns, materials and colors, to create a truly unique bathroom with very individual design.

Combine elegance and practicality with the right ceramic tiles for a small bathroom

When decorating small bathrooms, opt for high-quality materials and state-of-the-art finishes, not only to make the space look larger but also to achieve durable, practical solutions. From marble-effect ceramics to tiles with unusual textures, there are infinite possibilities for creating an interior that looks larger and more comfortable.

Consider the bathroom’s style and its lighting to choose colors, textures and materials for the most spacious effect. For a modern bathroom, for example, ceramic tiles with clean lines and neutral shades can help to create a mood of understated elegance, while for more classical interiors, richer textures and warm colors add an extra touch of refinement.

Creative solutions for tiling a small bathroom

In a bathroom with little natural light, using glossy, pale ceramic tiles can help to reflect the artificial light and make the room appear larger. Conversely, in well-lit bathrooms, more intense colors and material effects can be applied with greater daring to add character and depth without gloominess.

One successful combination is the use of large, pale tiles for most of the bathroom, together with one wall of smaller tiles with an unusual texture or bright color, to introduce a vibrant, original, focus of visual interest.

Continuity of color will give you an impression of unbroken space, while contrasts can be brought in to highlight specific architectural features. In all cases, the aim is to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality, creating a welcoming, functional, attractive interior.

Through the careful selection and combination of ceramic tiles, even the smallest bathroom can be transformed into an interior that reflects your own individual style, without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Small hexagon tiles for small bathrooms

Hexagon tiles are a creative solution that generates really fascinating patterns: explore our Stratford collection to add the right touch of dynamism to even the smallest bathrooms.

Hexagon tiles are an innovative design choice because they provide an impression of variety and dynamism. The exciting, elegant compositions they create cover the whole scale from understated to daring, for truly intriguing effects.

Ragno Stratford 015 WEB

Tiling a small bathroom with shower: style and convenience

When choosing tiles, special care must be taken over the shower zone. The coverings selected must be resistant to damp and easy to clean, to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained.

Materials such as porcelain stoneware and ceramics are perfect for this purpose: their non-porous surfaces are ideal for the dampest areas, preventing the formation of fungi and mould. However, making a choice that ticks the functional boxes does not mean giving up on creative solutions that can decorate the bathroom with a truly unique style.

For example, wall recesses are an elegant option for tidy storage of bottles and other items, and also add a touch of style to your shower. However, it’s important to calculate the dimensions of these recesses with care and make sure that they combine attractively with the size of the tiles chosen, to avoid unsightly cuts that may break up the covering’s visual continuity.

Overall, when designing a shower in a small bathroom it’s important to strike the right balance between looks and convenience. Water-resistant materials, solutions like wall recesses and the intelligent use of tile colors and sizes are key factors in making optimal use of the space available while also creating a comfortable, convenient, attractive bathroom.

Tile color: choosing it to make the bathroom look larger

The choice of color is fundamental for maximising the impression of space in a small bathroom. The colors that best reflect the natural or artificial light will be your best allies in visually expanding the internal space.

Choose delicate colors and natural shades  such as beige and grey to give an interior greater harmony and maintain a mood of serenity. If you wish to introduce color contrasts or patterns, you might use them for the shower area, visually distinguishing it from the rest of the bathroom.

Wood-effect bathroom: making even a small space look comfortable

In the last few years the fashion for wood-effect tiles has also reached bathrooms, which have been transformed from utility areas to genuine design interiors. This solution combines the beauty of wood with the convenience of ceramics,  giving the room a warm, natural air and a cosy mood.

This decorative choice conveys an impression of calm and a sense of oneness with nature, making the space look not only larger but also more inviting. Given the variety of sizes, textures and shades available, not to mention the ease of combining wood with various colors, you’ll be able to find the solution best suited to your intended style, from the most rustic and traditional to the most modern and minimalist, with a truly versatile, refined solution.

Tiling a small bathroom: installation methods

The factors at your disposal for making an interior appear larger include tile installation methods. The use of strategic installation techniques, such as arranging tiles diagonally, can significantly affect the way space is perceived and also easily adapt to either a modern or a more classical style.

Start designing your perfect space today: discover our bathroom tile collections and find the right covering for making the most of a small bathroom!