Wealth of details and leading-edge technology for surfaces of intense beauty

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Inedito is the first Ragno Ceramiche wood-effect collection produced using the state-of-the-art 3D Ink and Sublime Sync technologies, which ensure perfect matching between the patterning and the 3D structures to make every single piece different, giving the surface unprecedented volume and tactile realism.

Inedito is the new Ragno Ceramiche wood-effect porcelain stoneware collection that provides a distinctive interpretation of timeworn surfaces, rich in tactile details and finishes marked by the passing years.

The four natural wood-effect color shades, Avorio, Nocciola, Cannella and Cenere, have been chosen to enhance the beauty of both renovation projects and new builds, in a vast sweep of applications ranging from residential to contract.

The two surfaces, Natural R9 and Structured R11, are available in the rectified 25×150 and 20×120 cm sizes and in the very convenient rectified 40×120 cm size and 20 mm thicknessspecifically for outdoor use – to enable installations with immaculate continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The wide range of trims, which match the rectified plain tiles and are supplied to order, complete this offering from Ragno, which is always quick to respond to the creative needs of architects and landscape and garden designers.

The collection also features the elegant 11×54 cm Chevron size, suitable for sophisticated interiors that underline a warm, welcoming style, achieved with carefully chosen combinations of materials and furnishings in modern taste, with evocations of the classic and handmade.

The Chevron size is produced using the new digital Sublime Sync technology, with an extremely high-definition textured structure that provides the tactile impressions typical of the original material, giving the stoneware an authentic “feel”.

The ceramic products’ exceptionally high definition and resemblance to the natural timbers that inspire them are achieved thanks to a second technology featured in the range: 3D Ink Technology, the latest digital development applied to porcelain stoneware, which enhances the material’s texture through perfect matching between graphic patterns and 3D structures, making every single piece unique and giving volume and tactile realism to surfaces.

This means that the ceramic planks express all the beauty and natural appeal of real wood, with an unprecedented depth and definition.

The Inedito collection provides the perfect backdrop for Ragno Ceramiche’s various coverings, such as the large marble-effect slabs of Inedito, the super-glossy small-size tiles of Glacé, an enrichment of the Storie collection, and the floral and geometrical decors of the large Papers wall tiles for use as ornamental highlights or across entire walls for a stylish finishing touch to any interior.

The Inedito collection is also intrinsically sustainable, since it its manufactured with 40% recycled material.