Wish: a new small size for wall coverings in subtle colors

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Seven powdery shades combine with a varied texture that evokes the “hand-made” character of traditional ceramics.

Leading-edge ceramics industry technology unites with the Ragno laboratories’ specialist know-how to create a new small-size collection that acknowledges its debt to artisanal ceramics, an antique art the company continues to celebrate by extending its Storie selection year by year.

In this case, the new development is an original long, narrow 5.3×30 cm size, with a distinctive streamlined look. A porcelain stoneware product with a strong aesthetic impact that still retains all this tough, durable material’s technical properties.

This is the backstory of the Wish wall tiles, offered in seven bright, intense colors – White, Petal, Yellow, Brick, Green, Light Blue and Black – with a semi-matt surface that gives walls a look of softness and depth. A collection enticing to the touch, with all the energy of a material with a deep texture.

The dense ceramic consistency of the opaque finish evokes the variability of hand-made pottery. Slight ripples occur on the surfaces of the single tiles, giving them an intentionally flawed look, with every one different.

The Wish brick tile by Ragno Ceramiche has slightly uneven edges which however enable spaceless installation, further enhancing the collection’s artisanal personality while still allowing sophisticated compositions.

Installed either vertical or horizontal, the Wish collection is suitable for covering whole walls, furnishings and architectural features, or for creating boiserie panels and decorative motifs, in combination with other Ragno collections or just experimenting with the color assortment in a mixture of coordinated tones and shades.

Small size tiles are being used more and more widely in the interior design of homes and commercial premises, with imaginative mingling of different material effects and furnishings.

The Wish series is thus extremely effective when teamed with Boheme and Richmond Woody Rovere 3D Structure – for the wood effect – Incanto, Realstone_Travertino, Realstone_Argent and Richmond – for the marble and stone effect – and Stratford – for the concrete effect.

Countless possibilities just waiting to be discovered in the collection gallery.