The business centre is in Aldo Moro street in Aprilia. It consists of a ground floor destined to shops and three floors for offices, for a total surface of about 4500 square metres. The leading idea of the project has been to create a modern structure able to combine the living comfortableness with aestethics both from a global point of view and from a particular and detailed one. The decision to use Marazzi Engineering ventilated facades enabled to efficiently solve thermal and sound insulating problems and humidity ones in order to contribute to the indoor building comfort throughout all seasons.

The choice of ceramic vestment oriented to porceilain applied to walls with sight hook and horizontally placed. The coverage, characterised by a bicoloured game to frame and underline particular building elements, has been made with Revision series. Its refined surface, its colours and its format 30x120 cm, completely mirror the image of equilibrium, elegance and endurance that was to be given to the building.

Architectonic plan           
Arch. Maria Eugenia Pazienti,
Arch. Laura Trasolini

Aprilia, Latina, via Aldo Moro

Customer Trasolini Costruzioni S.r.l.

Size 3200 mq

Year of implementation 2009