The “Trattoria del Volo”, in Casatenovo (Lecco), is a historic establishment in Brianza, known for its excellent cuisine, which is particularly indicated for lunches, dinners, and special occasions for a maximum of 150 guests. The structure is run by a professional cook and maître d’hôtel together with 5 youths resident in Villa Ratti, all in the most advanced stage of their rehabilitation in the community. The restaurant is managed by the Cooperativa Volando Service, connected to IL VOLO - ONLUS, as the pilot run of the RistorAZIONE project. The goal of the project is to create a reality that meets the needs of job placement for the youths of Villa Ratti and also satisfies the clients.

IL VOLO was founded by a group of volunteers and mental health specialists with the purpose of meeting the needs of young people with personality disturbances. Villa Ratti is a Therapeutic-Rehabilitation Community and the main structure established by the IL VOLO Social Cooperative, including the centre of preventive and clinical psychology in Casatenovo, the “Carlo Perris” research centre, and the RistorAZIONE project, which started this year. The objective of the ristorAZIONE project is to accompany the youths of Villa Ratti, step by step, into the world of work, offering them an opportunity to work in keeping with the therapeutic-rehabilitation programme that they are about the conclude.

Since May 2012, the Trattoria del Volo has been open every day except Saturday for lunch and Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The trattoria is also available for special bookings like weddings and other occasions.

Donations can be made to the following account
IBAN IT 44 I 05428 51120 000000000216
At the UBI – Banca Popolare di Bergamo, branch office of Casatenovo (LC)
In the name of VOLANDO SERVICE Società Cooperativa – ONLUS

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