The new Candy collection, inspired by ancient glazed tiles, offers a contemporary twist on the concept of decorative bathroom and kitchen wall coverings

Candy is the collection that expertly combines neutral tones and hints of colour and revisits the tradition of artisan majolica, a declaration of quality and charm even in terms of its imperfections.

On the basis of these precious imperfections, Ragno develops a collection that straddles the past and present, decorative in style and strongly associated with the domestic image of intimate and lived-in family settings.

The ingredients of the old majolica wall covering recipe produce a number of aesthetic effects that make the collection distinctive right away and associate it, in the collective imagination, with highly recognisable environments: kitchens where meals are produced with meticulous care and attention and bathrooms with bright and shiny surfaces where even the daily habit of taking a shower is transformed into an intimate and private wellbeing ritual.

Light is an important part of the project: it causes the bright and glassy surface, deliberately imperfect, to shimmer and makes it partially transparent and visually fluid, suggesting a smoothness to be experienced tangibly shortly afterwards.

The decorations coordinated with the colour assortment – which ranges from neutral Cenere, Puro and Ecrù through to the intense Oltremare, Oceano, Mostarda and Granata – have numerous historical and geographical references.

The most immediate is without doubt the one that connects the Motivo digital decor with the Portuguese tradition of azulejos, the ancient glazed terracotta tiles.

Fresher and more contemporary, perfect for furnishing bathrooms and modern kitchens and in line with the trends for 2017, is the Riviera decor which deconstructs the traditional stripe and transforms it into a series of brushstrokes with fuzzy, blurred edges.

To give walls a pleasant sense of dynamism, Candy also proposes the Brezza 3D structure, which is available in the 7 colours of the collection.

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