At Casa TA the floor in Woodessence parquet-effect tiles creates a continuous surface, the perfect background for the alternating colours of the walls


We are at Scicli in Sicily, in the province of Ragusa, famed for the beauty of its historic architecture, as well as its sunny climate and the delicious chocolate you may have tasted as a holiday souvenir.

A small apartment stands on the second floor of an early 20th Century building in this little town. Its total floor area is just 50 square metres; very little, but capable, aided by the interplay of colours and materials, of telling a story of domestic warmth and a full life.

The architect in charge of the renovation project, Francesca Timperanza, explains that she carefully conserved structural features of the old apartment. While the fluidity and open communications between the various rooms meet the demands of modern life, the walls still conserve the memory of the apartment’s original layout.

The main tools for defining the new functions are colours and materials. This approach, which allows actual changes to be kept to a minimum, means there is no transformation of the original nature of the building, with its close connections to the structure of the town itself and its characteristic architectural types.

Colour, with an alternation of white and grey, is applied liberally in the interior design schemes. It runs seamlessly over every surface: walls, ceilings, doors, window frames and, to a large extent, furnishings and accessories.

The background to this exciting, delightful chromatic invasion is provided by Ragno Woodessence floor tiles, which run on from room to room through the home and offer the visitor a key to its inspiration: French interiors, where parquet, laid in a herringbone pattern, is part of everyday life, with its creaks underfoot and familiar warmth.

At Casa TA the 10 x 70 floor tiles are laid in a diagonal pattern which seems to flow from room to room, apparently extending space. This design approach is particularly successful, especially in view of the apartment’s small size.

The finishes in this collection range from the warm brown and honey to Scandinavian grey and beige and the more emphatic, masculine walnut, also suitable for use in non-residential locations.

The photogallery follows.

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