Contemporary colors and thick surface patterning

The colors and decorations of the Vida collection create atmospheres in which comfort and functionality come together to respond to a desire for harmony that can be easily recreated in the home. Six colors and three in-line decorations enriched with a tactile contribution of glossy grit, obtained through Touch technology, and a three-dimensional structure developed in all background shades are produced on a 10 mm-thick rectified white-body substrate.

Vertical stripes of different sizes merge in watercolor-effect tones and shades in the Orizzonte decor produced in three color versions. The Romantica decor offers a retro-style interpretation of a floral fresco, while the Edera decor features a wallpaper effect that interprets the essence of this climbing plant in a minimalist manner. Multiple ornamental motifs in both warm and cool tones, alternating with monochrome total-look walls, interpret the spaces of our everyday life with grace and purity.

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