Local produce, hand-crafted design and Rewind stoneware provide a successful recipe for the Matè gourmet food outlet.


We are near Bergamo, in a rich farming area.

This is the location of Matè, a food venue opened a couple of years ago, impossible to describe in a single word.

Matè is a restaurant, a butcher's shop, a delicatessen, an open-all-hours store, a bistro serving freshly produced food, a bakery counter with fresh sweet and savoury baked goods, a fast and slow food outlet, and also a cocktail bar with a bar counter an amazing 21 metres long and a show cooking area to be used and enjoyed with friends or with the services of a private chef. In other words, a place which successfully combines multiple personalities, a lively mix also reflected in the interior design scheme.

Dishes are prepared with loving care on the zero food miles principle, with fresh produce and the choicest raw materials straight from the surrounding countryside. This is the guiding concept of a location which wishes to share with its guests all its passion for its local area and the products it produces, highlighting the local craftsmen and professionalisms.

The interior design also takes the Matè motto on board in its choice of furniture and ornaments, all made to the design of local craftsmen with salvaged wood from old scaffolding beams, shaped and sanded for reuse. This raw material was used to construct the frames of the bench seats, the boiserie panels which line some of the interior, and the booth partitions.

There could have been no better choice for this project, created by the Milan firm Margstudio in close cooperation with the client, than the Rewind wood-effect stoneware and hexagon tiles, which cover the walls, bar counter and even the tops of the little tables in the restaurant area in a mix of colours, providing a vintage allure very much in harmony with the mood of the location.

Ph Sara Magni

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