​Although in the past the bathroom may have been considered as a utility area, of secondary importance, nowadays we view the interior design of a modern bathroom as an integral part of a contemporary home. Not a single centimetre is sacrificed; in fact more and more care is being taken over bathroom design and furnishing,from the choice of sanitary fixtures to that of coverings



When you have a large space, the main focus when choosing the sanitary fixtures of a modern bathroom is on style and technological functions; they must always be proportional to the size of the room, the location of the drains and individual functional and aesthetic needs.

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    Whether sanitary fixtures are wall-hung or floor-mounted, arranged in a row or facing, and even if innovative products such as washlets or WCs with or without rim are selected,the vital factors will be the design, finish, color and accessories.
    The options available include furnishing classics such as shiny white sanitary fittings with rounded shapes for a versatile but elegant effect, or types with more pronounced edges and moulding for a vintage style. Colored sanitary fixtures, in pastel shades or in glossy or matt black and greige for a striking interior design look, have come back into fashion, and tap fittings and accessories such as the toilet sprayer or drain plates must be carefully selected so that every item dialogues attractively.
    To give character, style and a clear design approach to a bathroom’s furnishing, the correct choice of floor and wall tiles and coverings is essential. The trends for modern bathrooms include a return to the use of color and the gloss effect for a young, unconventional style, while for a sophisticated, elegant style, the preference is forlarge size marble or stone effect tiles. Square tiles that evoke the decorations of cement tiles and majolica ware are an excellent option for furnishing a bathroom in contemporary taste but with vintage touches, while wood effect stoneware should be combined with neutral shades if the inspiration is for a Scandinavian “hygge” bathroom.
    When the size of the room permits, a bathtub enriches and completes the bathroom’s furnishing, transforming it into a real oasis of wellbeing, a place for escaping from the frenetic pace of daily life and spending time on personal care.
    Rounded freestanding bathtubs are very trendy; built-in hydromassage tubs will never go out of fashion, as they create a genuine personal spa in the home. Small saunas or Turkish baths can also be included in large rooms.
    Due to its convenience and more compact size, the shower is the most common choice in contemporary bathroom furnishing. It can be designed flush with the floor or with a floor-mounted tray, preferably in an alcove or enclosed on at least two sides. One furnishing solution for the modern bathroom is the walk-in shower which creates a mini spa with integral seating and high-tech shower heads: your very own wellness area.
    The washbasin is a fundamental furnishing feature when designing a modern bathroom. Surface-mounted washbasins are a popular option, standing on treated wooden shelves or cabinets with drawers and storage units, depending on the room’s size and style and the family’s lifestyle; pedestal washbasins are also coming back into fashion, for a reinterpreted minimalist style.



One modern bathroom furnishing trend is the creation of a bathroom area actually inside the bedroom. Hybrid spaces are therefore being designed, with freestanding bathtub and washbasin in the same room as the bed. In this case, the bedroom’s floor and wall coverings must be chosen to ensure that the dual-function surfaces are hygienic and easily washable. Wood or marble look stoneware tiles and wallpaper style wall coverings which provide the bedroom with color contrast are perfect.