A collection of tiles inspired by Limestone makes creative use of this "colourless colour", using it to build attractive effects based on matter and light.


Greige is often referred to as the perfect neutral colour, which looks good with everything and provides a solid, reliable base on which even quite daring colour variations can be woven, in line with the latest trends.

However, perhaps not everyone knows that greige is not a new concept on the international creative scene. Giorgio Armani was proclaimed King of Greige as far back as 1980.

He still makes widespread use of it in his collections even today, giving this tasteful blend of grey and beige the important role of amplifying light, taking weight from the figure and making clothes elegant and flowing, responsive to every gesture and movement.

In the design and interior decoration sectors, every architect has used greige to give warmth to an object or a room without weighing it down with too much yellow, and to remove the cold, remote effect often generated by the over-use of grey.

Ragno rises to the challenge of greige by including this perfect, soft, velvety neutral shade in the colour assortment of its Realstone stone look collection.

With Realstone Rain, the impressions created lead us back to a clearly defined origin: English and North American Limestone, which has always been widely used in architecture and as a wall and floor covering, both indoors and outdoors.

Ragno interprets the soft, tactile texture of the source material in three different shades: as well as Greige, Realstone Rain is available in two other colour variants, the lighter, more luminous Almond and the deeper, more emphatic Taupe.

These three similar yet also different shades offer a variety of combination potentials that effectively highlight the subtle variations in the surface patterning, often with the aid of light and shade effects created through the skilful use of natural light.

Realstone Rain is available in six rectified sizes (75x150 cm, 75x75 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm, 120x120cm and 50x100 cm, the last with thickness 20 mm and also suitable for outdoor installation as a raised paving) and in three surface variants: natural, soft (the most yielding, warmest, pleasantest to the touch) and structured (the most deeply textured, only available in the 60 x 60 cm size).

The collection is completed by various mosaic decors for all three colour variations. The Mix Mosaic, which combines the Greige, Almond and Taupe shades in a single piece, and the Rombi Mosaic, with its striking diamonds, are particularly rich in potential. 

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