Ragno’s stand presents an informal and convivial atmosphere at Cersaie 2017. The room installation, enriched and enhanced by Marta Meda ’s styling, wanted to recreate an indoors yard with green areas and small shops (among which a real flower shop and a quiet bistrot), where the view opens on sophisticated domestic interiors, covered by Ragno’s new collections.

Pavings for outdoors areas, bathrooms, kitchens and interiors have been the background for the new ceramic and stoneware collections, characterised by matt and tactile surfaces, warm and powdery colours, relief patterns and retro style decors.

Ritual: it is a stone reinterpreted in ceramic and presented in clear and relaxing nuances, broken by decors which remind the effects of hand-chiselling; the only large size available (32.5x97.7) splendidly enhances the tactile appeal of this collection.

A_Mano: the traditional majolica tiles inspire a stoneware collection which offers a square size tile (20x20) and multiple style solutions, thanks to the 12 decorative pieces (in 3 colour variants) in the version “Decoro Mix” and 2 “Tappeto” decors offered in 3 colour variants. A_Mano is suitable for both floor and wall covering.

Tactile: a wall covering with a mixture of textures and colour combinations in warm and soft colours combined with a size (40x120) which allows the repetition of motifs and textures on wide surfaces. The different tactile sensations induced by the three-dimentional structures of this collection grasp and mix some of the most popular trends at the moment: textile weaves, lace-like decors, references to cement tiles, relief metal patterns, wallpapers and mosaic chips.

Ottocento: reinterpretation of the classic and much-loved cement tiles in porcelain stoneware, Ottocento offers endless style solutions in a square small size (20x20), thanks to the 8 colours available in solid colour (intense and soft) to match in any way you like with 2 combinations of decorative motifs in cool and warm shades.

Patina: a waxed effect stoneware covering for wall and floors, whose appearance defies classification as an existing material. Depending on colour, its finish recalls worn terracotta rubbed smooth by time and metallic surfaces. Iridescent and warm at the same time, it is available in different sizes (all large size) and it has been widely used on the stand’s floor, in various saturated colours, enhancing the convivial warmth and atmosphere.

Realstone_Rain: again, stone (this time English limestone) inspires this stoneware collection, offered in large size in beige and greige uniform and neutral colours, and available in two finishes, Soft and Natural. The mosaics accompanying this collection, both in chips and diamonds, are also very interesting. Realstone_rain is available in the extra-thick version – 20 mm - for dry installation on raised pavings, gravel, grass or sand.