In Andorra, interior designer Laura Torres Masbernat designs a home on two levels that combines local motifs and tradition


Andorra. If you have never been there, try using your imagination with us. Let's imagine we are in a mountainous, richly forested land, set between France and Spain in the eastern Pyrenees. It has a territory of only just over 468 square kilometres, consisting of a handful of small parishes (similar to Italian municipalities), which mainly survive on earnings from seasonal tourism.

Encamp, one of these parishes, is the home and working base of interior designer and creative spirit Laura Torres Masbernat. Laura is very much in love with her homeland and makes abundant use of materials of natural origin, capable of creating warm, embracing moods and with deep roots in the local environment. 

In her projects wood, and especially the most substantial, darkest types of timber, clad a large proportion of the interior surfaces, although all forms of contamination are always possible. Combined with steel, bare concrete and stoneware, wood creates spaces where time seems to play an important role.

And this impalpable, fascinating design ingredient – time – explains the use of the hexagon tiles from the Rewind collection by Ragno in a home Laura has designed. It is a building of no less than 600 square metres, arranged on two levels linked by an internal concrete and wood staircase.

The lower floor houses the most intimate spaces, and especially those dedicated to bodily care and relaxation. A gym and a spa occupy many square metres of floor space, finished with a dynamic combination of wood and stoneware, styled very specifically for the area's intended use.

The Rewind hexagon tiles, chosen in a variation of three colours – Vanilla, Peltro and Argilla – create a floor which is an attractive combination of different coloured areas, which gently stimulates the perception of space in close correlation with the shades of the paints chosen for the wall finishings.

The interior of the home, enclosed between thick, solid walls and covered for warmth and protection, has a strong bond to an outdoors of mountains and forests, a wonderful place to live in and explore.

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