The choice of floor for your home is one of the key points in its interior design, since this surface combines with the walls and ceilings to define the envelopes of the individual rooms and of the interior as a whole.

By choosing a concrete or marble effect stoneware floor covering or a parquet with a running-bond or herringbone layout, you can clearly proclaim your adoption of a style and an idea of what a home should be.

The floor can therefore be thought of as a kind of base, a horizontal frame within which the other design features can be placed, choosing them in matching or contrasting colors depending on the intended look and mood.

Nowadays, to gather ideas for the floors of your home you have only to browse the many images made available by the specialist press and producers on their web pages, or scroll the virtually endless feed of social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. Once you’ve put together a nice collection of inputs, inspiration is sure to follow and your new porcelain stoneware, wood, marble or resin floor will be ready to create a lovely, comfortable new home.

Now let’s find out together how to choose the perfect floor for your home, bearing in mind factors such as:

  • the context of the home itself: a floor for a seaside home will very probably be different from a floor for a country home with the same spacial and functional characteristics
  • the floor’s colors and materials, to be matched with those of the other surfaces, the furnishings and the fittings
  • the functional and technological details of the possible solutions


Stone-effect stoneware slabs for the floor of a home in town

The home’s context – in town, by the sea or in the country – is one of the crucial factors when creating an interior design. In fact, a carefully designed relationship between the interior and its outdoor surroundings, both visual and perceived and emotional in the broader sense, generates an immediate sense of harmony and “rightness” noticeable in every detail.

Over time, this makes the home a pleasure to live in, and ensures that every room has a positive, relaxing, welcoming vibe.

Let’s imagine we’re in town and walk into an apartment in a residential block. Behind us is a stairwell with marble flooring, its walls painted in pale, light, neutral colors. Daylight floods in through the large windows, which offer glimpses of greenery and perhaps the balconies of the building opposite.

Looking through the many solutions and ideas for the floors of the home, to achieve a stylish overall effect we might opt for a surface in which every discontinuity is masked by the large size of stone-effect porcelain stoneware slabs, with only moderate shade variation, with straight, rectified edges and colored grouts.

A home in the country: parquet or terracotta-effect stoneware slabs?

Now we move to the country. The living area, which comprises a lounge, the kitchen and the zone occupied by the large dining table, opens directly onto the garden and its natural surroundings. The outdoor greenery literally makes its way into the home, aided by floral and botanical decorative details and the use of materials of natural origin or which clearly evoke the local area and its craft tradition.

Here a salvaged parquet flooring, installed in a running-bond pattern, generates a warm, cosy mood similar to that achievable by covering the floor with terracotta-effect stoneware slabs with slightly, intentionally flawed edges.

Furniture that is a mix & match of hand-me-downs and carefully chosen new pieces will set the seal on a home to be lived to the full every day. It’s easy to imagine its large rooms housing family get-togethers at Christmas or wonderful days with friends, in the living room and garden. 

The floor for a seaside home: the substance of wellbeing and relaxation

By the sea, the intense blue of the infinite extent of the water and the endless spread of the sky conveys an idea of space and calm, the slow passing of time and deep, continuous oneness with nature.

A seaside home, with large windows that visually reach out to the surroundings, will be light-filled and easy-going, without too much attention to the formal character of the various rooms and functions. It will be a place where the idea of freedom and versatility is expressed in practice in fresh, modern interiors that also include natural, or specifically marine, details.

The perfect floor for a home by the sea will therefore be quick and easy to clean, but its surface will also be attractive to the eye and feel good under the feet. It might consist of resin-effect porcelain stoneware slabs with a subtly velvety surface, interspersed with small decorative inserts, beautifully embodying a mood of wellbeing and a break with the frenetic pace of daily life.