It takes all our five senses to establish whether an interior is designed to respond to our own, individual feelings and memories. With Tactile, Ragno meets this need through a collection of ceramic tiles with looks and touch it is easy to love


Touch is the most creative sense, the first to form and be defined in the lengthy process by which we build up our own sensory personalities, tastes and preferences over time, and touch is the design inspiration underlying the Ragno Tactile wall tile collection.

By modulating the surface texture of a single size of rectified slimline ceramic tiles – 40x120 cm, only broken down into square modules of 40x40 cm for the mosaics – it makes the sense of touch, with its direct line to our memories, the key factor in the interpretation of matter and how it speaks to us. 

The names themselves of Tactile's colour finishes – Terra, Carbone, Zinco, Titanio and Ocra – declare their bond with dense, basic matter, revealed on the surface through the vibration of light and the simple pleasure of touch, an appeal and promise to our emotions at the very first glance.

Just a touch of the fingers on the Pizzo decor can unlock a background of memories embodied in the concept of craftsmanship, of slow, skilful movements and materials worked with care, with respect for natural dignity and quality. Its imperfect, evanescent geometric pattern can only be completed with the aid of memory.

We read this material through touch, and in our minds and hearts an ancient lace pattern reappears on the surface; it is pure, simple and deeply linked, in our own histories, to the cultural and emotional associations of home and family.

Everything is as it seems, offering the basis for a reassuring, intimate domestic interior.

Not that the Tactile collection is lacking in contemporary style: through the Titanio and Carbone colours, the Resina 3D structure, the Shine decor and the Bone mosaic, its homely warmth embraces geometry and a severe elegance, suggesting strict attention to detail and a modernity that does not betray the link to the past.

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