With Terracruda and Feel, mosaics become protagonists

With Terracruda and Feel, mosaics become protagonists

We all know what bathroom mosaics used to be like: glossy, often in bright colours, generally only vaguely matched with the rest of the room's finishes. Terracruda and Feel, two of the new key collections, change all this, allowing mosaics to be added even in rooms decorated with matt, tactile coverings in neutral or desaturated colours.

The first collection is concrete-effect while the second features warm,matt surfaces,and both finally offer the potential for an original reinterpretation of mosaics, even in combination with three-dimensional patterns.

With Terracruda, Ragno has successfully reproduced the warmth and the exquisite details of antique pottery, with both conventional square chips (in sheets of 40x40) and rectangular chips preassembled in sheets with a herringbone pattern, for an unusual, lively effect.

Feel combines the cool and warm shades of the collection with mosaic chips in neutral shades (Sabbia, Cenere or Corallo, all available in the usual square shape in sheets of 40x40), with a tactile, satiny look.

A bathroom with irresistible tactile appeal!


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