Floral decoration for new-look home interiors

Applied to walls, the floral, botanical and jungle inspiration defines a decorative mood that builds up backdrops of striking, unmistakable scenic effect. This can be done using various wall covering materials: wallpaper, paint, and large-size ceramic and stoneware slabs.

In the Ragno collections, floral and natural decoration unexpectedly interrupts the perfect continuity of color and texture of large concrete, resin or marble effect slabs. Of natural origin, it is transposed into decorationin the form of patterns, colors and materials.

Ceramics and stoneware are therefore the ideal medium for exploiting its striking effect on surfaces, assigning it to one or more walls of the home to serve as backdrop and visual focus of the design scheme.

Ceramic material offers specific advantages over wallpaper and painting, ranging from resistance and durability to easy care, cleaning and hygiene, to mention just a few.

In terms ofhygiene, in particular, Ragno has developed the CleanOut Antibacterial Protection silver ion treatment, applied to the stoneware slabsactually during production to guarantee 99.9% protection against germs and harmful bacteria in both the short and the long term, enhancing the product’s total safety in use and its technological performances.


Decorative patterns of great expressive strength

Nature is the star of the Decora collection. There are 4 decorative motifs in the catalogue, which can be freely combined with 5 colored plain tiles: 2 neutral (Bianco and Beige) and 3 more colorful (Blu, Senape and Terracotta).

The creation of a perfect wallpaper effect floral wall covering requires a few simple steps in its design and installation. The final result will be an exciting, vibrantly fresh interior feature.

The first rule is to choose a neutralbackground color: let us imagine that for our ideal room we have selected white.

Then we follow our instinct and where our own deepest inner inspiration leads us and choose a decor: in this case Twig, which evokes the soft, velvety delicacy of spring and its buds, together with the graphic patterning of the natural structure of twigs and branches.

Finally, we choose our highlight color, a floral shade to be spread liberally across the floor and main walls of other rooms of the home.

The project can also make creative use of the slab sizes: 30x120, only available for the plain tiles, and 60x120, for all rectified tiles in the collection.

Last but not least, Decora has nature in its heart, and not only skin-deep. In fact, 40% of its ingredients are recycled and the slabs, treated with the innovativeCleanOut technology, guarantee 99.9% long-term protection from germs and bacteria.

One effect, countless interpretations: the floral look can be romantic, graphic or pictorial

The floral look’s romantic character is expressed to the full with the distressed effect of the TexCem collection, which mixes the concrete effect with a fine woven pattern for a pleasantly dilapidated mood.

The Magnolia decors, available in Avorio or Bianco and in the 130x97 size, play the same role as the Prive and Jap 120x120 floral panels of the Stratford collection: they provide concrete with a contemporary reinterpretation, moving beyond its original industrial character and giving its surface tactile and visual values of great decorative and communicative power.

A subtle watercolor effectis provided by the Waterflower floral decor of the Now collection, which offers 6 three-dimensional structures alongside the same number of monochrome resin effect plain tiles. The patterns that can be created with the 25x76 slabs style surfaces that alternate solid color with highly tactile surfaceswith delicate wallpaper effect panels, which simulate rather old-fashioned fabrics with a romantic, elegant air.

The Mixed collection enables wide-ranging mix & matchinstallations with a variety of surfaces, materials, colors, structures and wallpaper effects. As well as the floral Tropico, Fiori di Pesco and Ibisco decors, it includes multi-material effect plain tiles that can be combined for unusual, innovative, highly contemporary interior designs.

Vida, a ceramic wall tile collection in 30x90 size, offers the Romantica Decor, a retro interpretation of a floral frescoed wall, and the Edera Decor, a minimalist interpretation of the character of ivy. Both decors are produced with the innovative Touch technology, which adds glossy grit to surfaces for a highly evocative and eclectic effect.

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