The collection comprises 5 colours: Bianco, Beige, Silver, Deep Grey and Uniform.  There are 2 surfaces: natural, in the rectified 75x150 cm, 75x75 cm, 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm and 30x60 cm sizes, and structured in the rectified 60x120 cm and 30x60 cm sizes, suitable for more heavy-duty uses. Lunar also features a 30x30 cm mosaic with 5x5 cm chips and a Mosaico Esagona 3D of 29x33.5 cm, both available in all 5 of the collection's colours. Realstone Lunar is an ideal stoneware for floor and wall surfaces in indoor and outdoor spaces with the facility to create unbroken visual continuity between indoors/outdoors, both in public and commercial spaces such as stores, restaurants, bars and hotel foyers, and in ventilated walls and raised floors.

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