Raised Floor

The raised floor is a system of modular elements designed for interior flooring in public and private buildings, spaces in which aesthetics play an increasingly important role. The entire system is housed under the floor surface, in a continuous void that guarantees spaces with unparalleled visual elegance. Flexible use, rapid installation and great efficiency are the hallmarks of this versatile technology that can be used both in new construction and in building renovation, overlaid on existing floors.

The advantages of raised floors

Raised paving in outdoor spaces

Thanks to their 20 mm extra thickness, Ragno porcelain slabs become a key component of a raised floor system specifically for outdoor spaces. The high mechanical strength of the polypropylene pedestals even allows the creation of floors in areas with heavy traffic. Flexible design and rapid execution make raised outdoor surfaces immediately walkable, in architectural complexes and residential buildings that increasingly require practical, safe and environmentally friendly surfaces.

Design creativity combining aesthetics and technology

Ragno offers the widest range of porcelain stoneware surfaces perfectly suited to raised floors. Thanks to its exceptional strength and excellent technical characteristics, porcelain stoneware is the most suitable material for the surface finish of the top covering panels, which defines the appearance of the floor. Through aesthetic effects with a natural look, contemporary finishes and solid colours, you can combine material beauty and high performance.

Sizes and finishes for in&out continuity

From indoor to outdoor surfaces, Ragno responds to the needs of contemporary architecture with porcelain stoneware collections that are aesthetically coordinated between indoor and outdoor raised floors and available in a wide range of sizes, an essential asset for spaces requiring meticulous design and visual consistency.