20mm outdoor porcelain stoneware

Ragno’s 20 mm-thick porcelain stoneware: ideal for outdoor and garden paving, including for creating a seamless effect between indoor floor coverings and those used for terraces, porches, staircases, pavements and driveways. Also available in high-performance technical stoneware collections.

It can be installed dry on gravel, grass, sand and a raised floor, or with adhesive on screed. Resistant to loads and stresses, anti-slipfrostproofwaterproof, stain-resistant and unaffected by weather and light. Extra-thick porcelain stoneware customizes outdoor spaces with different material finishes – woodstone, terracotta and concrete – and with an assortment of timeless colours.

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Ragno’s collections of 20 mm-thick porcelain stoneware are the ideal solution for outdoor paving and can create a seamless effect between indoor floors and the coverings of terraces, porches, steps, pavements and driveways. Stoneware for outdoor use, also available in the high-performance technical stoneware collections, is installed on a variety of surfaces, such as gravel, grass and sand, and forms a raised or floating paving able to withstand loads and stresses. Stoneware also ticks all the boxes essential for safety both outdoors and indoors, since it is anti-slip, waterproof, stain-resistant, and resistant to weather, light and thermal shock.

Tiles 2 cm thick are thus the best choice for heavily used pavings, such as garage driveways, or in all outdoor areas where weather conditions might damage thinner tiles.

Convenience and practicality do not preclude a vast choice of colors and effects. Ragno’s products respond to the aesthetic criteria of modern design while maintaining a high material quality and offering freedom to customise.

In fact, porcelain stoneware 2 cm thick is well suited to the various finishes inspired by natural materials and enables the creation of an outdoor paving with stone, wood, marble, terracotta or concrete effect.

Given the versatility of its colors and finishes, 20 mm stoneware is also ideal for the outdoor areas around the home, such as the garden or pool. Shades range from the most traditional solid colors in both warm and cold versions, such as grey, white, black and beige, through to brighter hues such as yellow, red and brown.

Ragno also offers the extra thickness in a variety of sizes, depending on the type of collection, from the largest dimensions such as 40x120 and 60x120 to medium sizes like 60x60. Stoneware thus becomes ideal for any kind of outdoor area, from residential to commercial and public locations.

Explore all the Ragno 20 mm porcelain stoneware collections; browse the catalogue and create your outdoor project.