Outdoor Flooring and Tiles

The porcelain stoneware for outdoor floor and wall coverings in the Ragno collections is very resistant and reliableMerging seamlessly with the indoor floors, it creates a sense of ordered uniformity and enlarges the spaces.

Durable, wear-resistant, waterproof, frostproof and anti-slip, porcelain stoneware in a high-performance structured, technical, 20 mm extra-thick version is ideal for pavements, driveways and gardens, as well as for terraces and porches. The trims in the extra-thick tiles collections include the elements for finishing the pool edge.

Outdoor floor tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and material effects for furnishing the outdoor spaces of the home.

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Outdoor paving must deliver two main characteristics: strength and reliability. Ragno’s collections offer a vast choice of porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor use, suitable for both paving and wall coverings, able to bestow a sense of tidy uniformity on spaces.

Outdoor tiles must withstand both foot and vehicle traffic and outdoor temperature variations: they therefore have to be durable and hard-wearing, and they must also have low water absorption and resistance to thermal shock. What’s more, the surface must be anti-slip and resistant to chemicals. Porcelain stoneware in a high-performance structured, technical, 20 mm extra-thick version meets all these requirements and is ideal for pavements, driveways and gardens, as well as for terraces and verandas.

Depending on the type of project, there are a variety of materials for paving not only paths and driveways but also areas outside the home, such as gardens, terraces, verandas or garages. The trims in the extra-thick tiles collections include tiles for finishing swimming-pool edges. Tiles of this kind are also highly suitable for commercial premises and offices.

Solutions may embrace medium and large sizes, with a variety of shapes and, of course, of appearance effects. The final choice may therefore be influenced not only by the installation surface but also by personal taste and the architecture of the home overall, to create indoor-outdoor continuity.

Fascinating design schemes constructed with colors and finishes are possible thanks to the great variety offered by Ragno, which combines an Italian hand-crafted look with contemporary style. Whether the chosen style is rustic, minimalist, Nordic, classical or modern, you are sure to find the right outdoor tiles for you.

Outdoor settings are also perfect for tiles that are inspired by natural materials, but which will not require the care and attention of the fine originals. Examples include outdoor tiles with woodstoneor terracotta and concrete effects, which combine a realistic appearance with the convenience of porcelain stoneware.

Explore the Ragno outdoor collections and start designing your outdoor area now.