Transparency is the key to our way of doing business

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In order to pursue our sustainability goals over time, it is necessary to commit each and every day to growing the reliability of our enterprise, in order to strengthen our competitiveness and grow our profitability, so as to ensure the satisfaction of the stakeholders in our activities. In so doing we have set ourselves principles, rules and procedures which we also ask our partners and suppliers to comply with.

In order to ensure we are recognised as a credible partner at the cutting edge in all countries in which we operate, we transparently share information on our activities and our performance with all stakeholders, as part of the Mohawk Group. Moreover, the publication of our results allows us to identify any problematic areas and make the necessary improvements, thus increasing efficiency and bringing down costs.

Respect for the environment, personal dignity, privacy protection and safeguarding the rights of the child and those of all employees against any form of abuse or discrimination, as well as occupational health and safety, are not just lip service but concrete, measurable commitments which are sustainable in the long term.

Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

As a company, we commit each and every day to meeting the highest standards in every aspect of our activities in every country, and to ethical and responsible conduct in all our operations, in full respect of individuals and the environment.

Our Code of Ethics commits the company to complying with environmental protection legislation, respecting personal dignity and privacy protections and safeguarding the rights of the child and those of all employees against any form of abuse or discrimination. Our Suppliers’ Code of Conduct extends this commitment to all those who work with us in the various sections of the supply chain, including with regard to aspects relating to workplace health and safety. The standards defined in the Suppliers’ Code of Conduct are prerequisites for working with us.

Transparency in Financial Reporting

Mohawk Industries, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, publishes its financial statement every quarter, which we contribute to with our results in the ceramics segment. Financial reporting relates income statement entries to the company’s assets and liabilities. It is essential for assessing the financial capacity to pursue the goals of social and environmental sustainability and governance, and to make the necessary resources available in order to pursue our commitment. Transparent reporting also allows the achievement of our results to be monitored, as well as the growing awareness and competence of our workers and suppliers.

The Group Sustainability Report, which contains the activities, initiatives and goals for a better future for the planet, its people and the company, is published annually and is now in its thirteenth edition.

ISO 17889-1 Certification

In 2022 we became one of the first companies worldwide to achieve Certification under ISO 17889-1, the world’s first ISO sustainability standard for the construction industry. This standard, launched in 2021, is the first international standard which assesses the sustainability of tiles according to 38 performance, qualitative and quantitative, environmental, social and economic criteria. Products are assigned a score which analyses their entire lifecycle, from raw material selection to production, distribution and installation, through to use and end-of-life management, also assessing worker and consumer safety criteria. Only ceramic tiles which achieve a minimum score of 117.5 out of 130 can be defined as sustainable and thus receive certification.
This accolade, issued by Certiquality, is intended to be a further step in the company’s commitment to safeguarding natural heritage and people, in line with goal 12 of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for responsible production and consumption.