​A series of small-size collections with a hand-crafted aesthetic, a tribute to the history of ceramic and decoration, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist and produced with the most efficient and modern production technologies.
A true system of structured, complete furnishing solutions available to private individuals and designers.

While the Storie collections draw strength and inspiration from the aesthetics that have defined the history of ceramic design, the technologies used to create them are an expression of the most advanced production systems, capable of guaranteeing very high performance and technical properties: resistance, easy cleaning, waterproof characteristics, stability and deep colours, whether glossy or matt.

10 Collections

The Storie collections take a journey into the world of decorative tiles and can bestow a crafted, carefully planned aesthetic on any domestic interior.

With their square and rectangular shapes and variety of color shades, small size tiles enhance the appeal of both outdoor and indoor spaces, reinterpreting tradition in contemporary style. Ragno tiles draw their strength and inspiration from the patterns that are an integral part of the history of ceramics, combining them with the most modern and effective manufacturing technologies, which implement the very latest production systems. The aim is to create small tiles that deliver excellent technical performances and capabilities: strength, easy cleaning, resistance to water, stability and depth of both glossy and matt colors.

The Storie collections offer porcelain stoneware and ceramic solutions suitable for every part of the home: in fact, small tiles are ideal for covering the walls of the bathroom and for decorating the floors and tiling the walls and backsplash of the kitchen. So not just shapes and sizes but also color assortments and textures can be alternated and combined to create the best effect for your room. You are offered a choice of colorful, monochrome, glossy or matt tiles, or the cement tile effect, which together make up a system of structured, complete furnishing solutions at the service of consumers, designers and architects.

The 8 different collections styled by Ragno enable the creation of a specific mood within the home, so that each room is unique and independent but blends attractively into the architectural whole. Examples include the Sol collection, which uses shades of white, green and blue to evoke the beauty of the Amalfi coast, the Abitare collection, for lovers of geometric patterns and turn-of-the-century decorative motifs given a contemporary reworking, and the Contrasti collection, which references the hand-crafted air of traditionally produced tiles.

In Ragno’s designs, tradition and modernity merge to form ceramics able to harmonise with the entire interior design scheme. Browse the catalogue and explore the collections.

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