Contract, tiles for commercial locations

Resistance, safety, hygiene and aesthetics for floors and walls in public spaces and commercial premises. Ragno proposes a variety of products for the design of shops, bars and hotels: porcelain stonewarehigh-performance technical porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles.

An ideal solution for customizing areas intended for the public, thanks to a wide selection of tile sizes and to a practically unlimited assortment of coloursdecorations and material effects.

The ability to create coordinated indoor and outdoor spaces with the same type of tile made of stoneware in the structured version or 2 cm extra-thick version for outdoor installation. The extra-thick tile trims include the elements for the pool edge.

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ragno clayton 013.jpg
  • 6 Colors
  • 5 Size
  • 2 Surfaces
ragno grove 002.jpg
  • 13 Colors
  • 2 Size
  • 1 Surfaces
ragno roots 012.jpg
  • 4 Colors
  • 5 Size
  • 3 Surfaces
ragno wish 005.jpg
  • 7 Colors
  • 1 Size
  • 1 Surfaces
ragno concept 036.jpg
  • 6 Colors
  • 9 Size
  • 1 Surfaces
ragno season 003.jpg
  • 5 Colors
  • 3 Size
  • 2 Surfaces
ragno incanto 015.jpg
  • 17 Colors
  • 7 Size
  • 2 Surfaces

Contract tiles are intended for all projects involving non-residential uses, such as offices, hospitals, hospitality venues and shops. These specific tiles for public places have suitable approvals and certifications which prove they are safe for the public. Ragno’s collections include tiles intended for commercial businesses, shops, hotels and offices, with a variety of products enabling the personalisation of premises open to the public.

Strength, safety, hygiene and an attractive appearance are the most important characteristics for consideration when choosing floor or wall coverings for shops, hotels and public places. So when choosing the best tiles for the floor of commercial premises great attention must be paid to technical requirements: the floor of a shop or a hospitality venue must be able to withstand variations in load, and must be anti-slip, resistant to abrasion and fire, waterproof and easy to clean.

Porcelain stoneware is the ideal choice for contract floor and wall coverings, since it combines beauty with convenience. It must be remembered that in retail design projects, aesthetics are as fundamental as technical demands, because a shop’s tiles must harmonise with its furnishings, the lights and all the other features which help to create the mood and the experience the brand intends to provide for its customers.

Thanks to the wide choice of sizes, the limitless color assortment and the decors and material effects, coordinated indoor and outdoor spaces can be created by opting for the same type of tile in a structured version or in 2 cm extra-thickness for outdoor installation, with excellent technical performances.

The most popular tiles for shops include types which accurately reproduce natural materials, such as wood, terracotta, stone and marble, but solid color tiles can also be selected, to achieve a minimalist, uncluttered effect that exploits the various sizes and three-dimensional surfaces.

Start designing your commercial location now and explore all the Ragno contract collections.