Bedroom Tiles: Ceramic for the Bedroom Area

Ragno offers a wide assortment of tiles for the floor and wall coverings of the bedroom, which can be furnished in a classic, shabby chic, vintage, modern or minimal style.

Porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles are also practical for the bedroom, protecting the floor and embellishing the walls: with the simplicity of the colours, available in a wide range; the realism and variety of the material effects – wood, marble, stone, concrete and terracotta –; the imaginative selection of sizesdecorations and relief surfaces.

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Ragno offers you a wide assortment of bedroom coverings to suit any furnishing style, whether classical or modern, minimalist, vintage or shabby chic.

Materials like ceramics and porcelain stoneware make bedroom tiles the ideal choice, by reason not only of characteristics such as slip resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning, but also their extreme versatility and their ability to beautify the room. What’s more, if the bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, visual continuity between the floors and walls of the two rooms can be created, or contrasts can be used to differentiate them.

The sleeping area is certainly one of the parts of the home on which interior design loves to focus, because it is a private space, and can therefore freely express the aesthetic taste of the people who live there every day. One of the latest bedroom trends is the use of wall and floor tiles that evoke natural effects and combine them with the convenience of porcelain stoneware. Examples include marble, wood, stone, concrete and terracotta effect tiles, which bring warmth to the interior with the intrinsic elegance of the natural material.

With the great variety of colors, material effects, shapes and decors, it is easy to include original combinations, such as by alternating tiles of different sizes or finishes. The metal or Venetian Seminato effects are excellent choices for bedrooms with a contemporary or minimalist aesthetic, while the worn, uneven surfaces of cement tiles provide the familiar hand-made look for a more rustic design scheme.

Hexagonal tiles with three-dimensional textures, mosaics or geometrical forms are perfect for creating artistic decorations in focal points, such as above the bed.

Thanks to their functional characteristics and their potentials for combining patterns and colors, tiles are also ideal for kids’ bedrooms, where decor tiles can be placed to define parts of the floor just like play mats, next to the bed for example.

Browse the Ragno catalogue and explore the collections of ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles for the bedroom.