Extra-thick stoneware

XT20 provides architects, landscape designers and gardeners with a range of solutions designed to meet the most specific and advanced needs of gardening and all outdoor spaces. Ragno XT20 slabs, made of 20 mm-thick porcelain stoneware, are versatile and adaptable to a variety of installations: laid on grass, gravel and sand, or installed with adhesive on screed in driveways. Easy to install, they do not require any special maintenance, making them perfect for residential and commercial outdoor areas.

The advantages of porcelain stoneware in outdoor spaces

Stone, wood and concrete, looks inspired by nature

XT20 is a 20 mm-thick colorbody porcelain stoneware with a compact, durable structure. Sophisticated stylistic research designs new contemporary landscapes with unique colours, finishes and material effects, offering absolute stylistic continuity with
indoor environments thanks to complete collections coordinated with standard-thickness indoor floors.

All the strength of 20 mm stoneware in versatile outdoor projects

From public to private, XT20 offers outdoor paving for every type of application, from
terraces to gardens, beaches and swimming pools to entire vehicle, industrial or urban areas. The wide selection of sizes enables the surfaces to perfectly integrate with contemporary landscapes and architecture, in large or small projects for outdoor living.

All installation systems