Stone Effect Tiles for indoor and outdoor

Elegance, material appeal and resistance: Ragno’s stone-effect tiles offer realistic interpretations of natural stone in porcelain stoneware and ceramic. Porcelain stoneware and stone-effect ceramic imitate the tones and tactile textures of natural stone, including chiselled stone: slate, limestone, porphyry, quartzite... They preserve all their beauty, combining it with the technical performance guaranteed by ceramic technology.

Stone-effect tiles, including in high-performance technical porcelain stoneware and in the structured and extra-thick versions of porcelain stoneware. They tile floors and cover walls in every room in the house and create continuity between indoor and outdoor areas. The stone-effect tiles come in small, medium and large sizes, as well as in creative versions such as mosaics, hexagon tiles, three-dimensional surfaces and decorated tiles.

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Elegance, material appeal and strength: Ragno’s stone effect tiles offer realistic interpretations of natural stone in porcelain stoneware and ceramic. Stone effect porcelain stoneware and ceramic imitate the tones and tactile textures of natural stones, including chiselled stone: slate, limestone, porphyry, quartzite. They preserve all their beauty, combining it with the technical performance guaranteed by ceramic technology.

Stone effect tiles are also available in high performance technical porcelain stoneware, both in the structured versions and in the extra thick variants, suitable for outdoor pavings and wall coverings. These materials retain all the natural stone’s elegance and beauty, but with the typical functional characteristics of stoneware, such as strength, durability, skid resistance and easy cleaning.

When designing imitation stone tiles, Ragno has drawn inspiration from the stones of the architectural tradition, such as slate, quartzite and basalt, recreating their textures and adapting them to a vast range of colors. The color assortment starts from the familiar scales of grey, from the darkest to the palest, right through to black. Alongside them there are warmer shades, such as the very elegant, striking brown, beige and white.

The color assortments are then completed by finishes for use to create interplays of light and combinations that emphasise the home’s character. The surface can therefore be natural, polished, bush-hammered or with three-dimensional textures. In all cases, the end result is always in keeping with the traditional style, perfectly suitable for both classic and rustic interiors and more contemporary, minimalist and innovative taste.

Thanks to their variety of colors, finishes and sizes, stone effect tiles fit attractively into any location, from indoors to outdoors, blending perfectly into every room. What’s more, they are also ideal for the floor and wall coverings of commercial premises, such as shops and offices.

Stoneware achieves a perfect imitation of the effect of stone, a traditional natural material that has always been used for building, combining craftsmanship with innovative production processes. Browse the catalogue and explore the Ragno stone effect collections.